X Fowler: A Revolution in Duck Blinds

Aug 21, 2015

Recently at the Sportsman Expo in Sacramento, I ran across an awesome product that I knew would help me be a more successful waterfowl hunter, the X Fowler duck blind.

X Fowler duck blinds are a floating platform with caging, hardware and options attached, that allow you to hunt in water previously un-huntable to you or were inconvenient or uncomfortable with other options.

The blinds are constructed with marine grade polyurethane (similar to the famous Boston Whaler) and coated with a nearly indestructible plastic covering .The caging is powder coated and built in a pyramid shape for a more 3 dimensional look, and perfect for camouflaging your duck blind.

After talking to The X Fowler boys at the expo, I convinced them come out and give me a demo of their blinds on a honker hunt. In the afternoon we easily launched the blinds into the water and dressed them up to look like surrounding tule patches. We walked the duck blinds through inches of water into the middle of the pond and easily secured them with tree stakes to the bottom through the precut stake holes.

I was a little leery about being stuck out in the open water in a blind that was previously unknown to the geese, but my worries were unfounded. The geese locked in on the small spread of decoys, and over the course of a couple hours, bunch after bunch of honkers decoyed straight into the duck blinds with feet down. The hunters stood and fired in comfort and ease making accurate shooting easy, even for the four large hunters.

After the morning flight was over, and 22 geese were grounded for good, the blinds were easily loaded back on the trailer, and the boys were off to their next adventure. They assured me that this “feet down” shooting was the norm, and hunting big open water was now far more productive, comfortable and enjoyable than ever before. (Check out the video below to see the action.)

The blinds are incredibly stable, durable and accessible. Combining these factors with quality workmanship and a number of options, you have a versatile blind you can use in a large number of hunting conditions while remaining very comfortable, enjoying your hunt for hours on end. These blind are among the best duck blinds on the market today.

Harry Bunfill and the rest of the X Fowler crew are avid duck hunters, and created an outstanding blind. It was built out of a labor of love, and it shows. The blind screams of excellence, and those wishing to upgrade their current blind situation, or those new to the sport wanting to start out with the best need to look no farther. This fall, I will be adding the X Fowler Duck Blind to my line up and I guarantee it will add to my success as a waterfowl hunter.