Wife of a Hunter

Aug 27, 2015

I am the “wife of a hunter”.

The way I look at it, I have two choices: fight him or join him! All the pictures and videos may give the impression that I chose the latter, and joined him. Unfortunately, that would be way too easy, so I chose both. Before any false judgments are made, let me explain why.


I chose to join Mark in his passion because his devout love for hunting is contagious. Hunting is truly an amazing experience. It is challenging both physically and mentally. It is exciting. As I trek through the country in complete silence I am able to soak in the beauty and serenity the great outdoors provides. It is time consuming, which forces me to take more than five minutes to focus on something else besides my responsibilities. The anticipation that hunting brings is what helps me sit in a tree stand for hours, or continue hiking despite being exhausted, or crawling out of a warm bed in the dark, freezing cold! The anticipation of sighting my trophy. Defeating the challenge. Outsmarting a species with incredible senses and a keen knowledge of his surroundings. If I am lucky enough to get 20-30 yards away from the animal, then comes the time to execute. Executing is not as easy as you think. It hasn’t happened all that much for me, because the animal has the best odds of survival when I’m trying to harvest them with a bow! However, even when I leave the hunt without the prize, I still bring home the adventure. Not to mention, joining in my husband’s passion. Priceless.

So you may ask, “Why fight it”? Well, first and foremost I am a mother. Truly, no matter how tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed I can get with years of raising a large family; they still hold my heart captive. But, being the wife of a hunter can be like being a MARRIED, single mother, which is not fun! When Mark takes off on his adventures, I am full of mixed feelings. Part of me is jealous that I am not joining him, while another part is content that I’m not leaving my kids. Most of all, I feel instantly lonely. Mark plays a key part in our adventure at home…. raising our family. Although everyday is not perfect, he is my support, my cheerleader, my friend, and my love. Who would not want to fight for that?

If you are the wife of a hunter, or a hunter who has a wife, I highly recommend sharing this passion together. It eases the pain of the times apart and builds a bond and memories that are indescribable! I hope you enjoy following Mark’s adventures as much as I do.