#28 - Waterfowl w/ Rob DeCosta


Today we are joined by Rob DeCosta of D.O.A. Guide Service. Rob has been guiding waterfowl in the Sacramento area for 4 years, and we picked his brain about his techniques and what it is like being a guide. Lately, Mark has been having alot of Facebook debates about the the costs of hiring a guide, so we took the opportunity to talk to Rob about his thoughts on the matter. We discussed the financial overhead guides carry, the time it takes to guide, the value a guide brings to a hunt, as well as some more intrinsic things a guide can provide their clients. We also touch on the new California AB 2805 bill concerning hog hunting, opinions on high fence hunting, whether guides should bring guns on hunts as well as a healthy amount of the usual shenanigans. Make sure you give this show a listen, and then head right on over to Rob’s contact info and book a hunt! 


If you want to get in touch with Rob, check him out on one of his social media channels below:


(530) 513-1389

Facebook: Click Here

Topics Covered:

  • Intro
  • Rob DeCosta of D.O.A Guide Service
    • Guiding for Ducks & Geese
    • Late ducks in 2018
    • Goose Hunting Techniques
    • “Keep people involved, and teach them things in the field”
    • Should a guide bring his gun on the hunt?
    • Best time to book a duck or a goose hunt
    • California AB 2805 concerning pig tags
    • Hunting on high fence ranches- Yay or Nay
    • What load does Rob use for geese
    • Why hire a guide?
  • Wrap up

Useful Links:

CA AB 2805: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov


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