- Ep. 36: Troy Fowler: Ranch Fairy

Yes, you read that right. Ranch Fairy. The one and only. Some call him Troy Fowler, but most call him Ranch Fairy. What exactly is a Ranch Fairy? Well it is a man who is passionate about hog hunting, big boars, hunting them, figuring out what makes those pigs tick, and what kind of medicine to prescribe to put big pigs down for a dirt nap. Troy has a YouTube channel (Ranch Fairy) where he takes a deep dive into the best ways to attract and hunt big wild boars, and what kind of archery tackle and setups to use to put them down. On the show today we will be going over all of those topics, as well as some others. Talking points include what makes big boars different; a pig named George; how to get a wild boar in front of you; the basic physiology of pigs; shot placement; arrow, broadhead, and bowhunting setups for big boars; animals ducking the string; why big boars are cocky; pig’s eyesight; heavy arrows; Heavy Forward-of-Center (FOC) setups; how to get started and much more! 

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