#23 - Predator Hunting W/ JJ Melo of West Coast Predator Hunting


He is from the west coast, and he has a predisposition for predator hunting. Our guest today is JJ Melo of West Coast Predator hunting. We caught up with JJ and got to talk to him about how he got into predator hunting, why he started filming his hunts and we picked his brain about some of his favorite predator hunting methods. We also get a first hand account of calling in a mountain lion and another story that ends with red mist. Don’t miss this show, and make sure you check out JJ and West Coast Predator Hunting for some awesome content!

If you want to see some more of what JJ does with West Coast Predator Hunting check him out on one of his social channels below:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/westcoastpredhunting

Instagram: @west_coast_predator_hunting

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/c/WestCoastPredatorHuntingTelevision

Topics Covered:

  • Intro
    • Recap of our Hunt with Galhiel Dillard
  • News
  • JJ Melo of West Coast Predator Hunting
    • JJ’s trip to Nevada
    • What season is best to hunt Coyotes
    • Ammunition
    • Calling in a mountain lion
    • Hand calling bears
    • A good setup in an average area is better than a bad setup in a great area
    • Red Mist
    • Decoy Dogging
    • Filming predator hunts
    • The story behind West Coast Predator Hunting
    • To film or to hunt… that is the question
  • Wrap up


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