#27 - Talking Train To Hunt w/ Dennis Klomp


Dennis Klomp is a hunting and fitness buff, as well as just plain buff! We had him up to our ranch to chase some wild swine, and sat down with him to talk about his hunting adventures. He got into hunting after college, and found himself addicted. With trips to Alaska, Mexico, and all over the United States Dennis is full of awesome hunting stories. Hunting provided Dennis the urge to get in better shape, which has fueled his entry into the Train To Hunt world, leading him to a 3rd place finish at the the national competition. Tune in to hear some great hunting stories, learn more about Dennis and Train To Hunt.

If you want to see some more of Dennis, check him out on one of his social media channels below:

Facebook: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here

Topics Covered:

  • Intro
  • Mark Kills a pig W/ Out The Millenial
  • Dennis Klomp
    • How Dennis got into hunting
    • 1st big game animal
    • Why fitness?
    • Train To Hunt
    • Bowhunting for Elk
    • Competing at Train To Hunt Nationals
    • What is Train To Hunt?
    • Cool competition shots
    • Where has Dennis hunted?
    • Rawhide Outfitters
    • The Bucket List
    • “If you want to test your mental meddle, go to Alaska.”
    • Wildwood Kitchen & Bar
  • Wrap up

Useful Links:

Train To Hunt: www.traintohunt.com

Wildwood Kitchen & Bar: www.wildwoodpavilions.com

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