#26 - Hunting w/ Dean Davis


Dean Davis is our guest today, and we are talking with him about everything from Pheasants to New Zealand Red Stag. Dean has travelled the world hunting for just about anything and everything, so when we had him up at the ranch for a hunt, we decided to talk to him and get some of his stories on air! We hope you enjoy this episode!

If you want to see some more of what JJ does with West Coast Predator Hunting check him out on one of his social channels below:

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/dean.davis.7169

Topics Covered:

  • Intro
  • Dean Davis
    • Start ’em young!
    • Hunting pheasants in farmington
    • Gun rights- “We used to take our guns to school in our trucks”
    • “Arrows are only dangerous if you stab someone with them”- Mark’s 7 year old son
    • Dean’s hunt roster this year
    • Sheep Hunting
    • 1st big trip to Africa
    • Alaska- The biggest adventure hunt
    • “It is hard to high five your phone”
    • Red Stag in New Zealand
    • Bow’s & Broadhead talk
    • Elk hunting
    • What 7 days would Dean pick to hunt elk?
  • Wrap up


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