Sucking Wind: The Realities of Public Land Elk Hunting

Feb 25, 2019

Bowhunting for elk on public land is not an easy endeavor. The Do It Yourself pursuit of the wild wapiti can leave a person physically and mentally drained. Long days, big country, rugged terrain, and an animal whose habits often put it in the hardest, thickest, and sometimes furthest reaches of that landscape make getting into bow range a high order. We set out this year to do just that with Caleb Copeland (@copecreative), Kris Jones and Chris Irwin (@i.knowaguy). We stepped foot into our new unit with high hopes. After 6 days of hunting, the realities of our endeavor hit us pretty hard. This is the story of the ups and downs, the excitement and frustration, the true reality of what it is like to try and arrow an elk.

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