Encounters: Bowhunting Elk in Colorado: Part 02

Feb 25, 2019

The moment you all have been waiting for has arrived. If you like elk, you’ll love this episode. Part 2 of our Colorado elk hunt is packed full of elk encounters. Every morning and every evening of this hunt gave us something to be excited about. From close encounters with cows, to watching bulls tear up some trees, to getting our bull down on day 4, we were covered up in animals all trip. Not only was the hunting spectacular, but the people, and the atmosphere of the ranch was fantastic. We can’t thank Jason Mcclain enough for getting us on this bull, and all the other elk, and giving us a great time out in the field. We really cannot overstate the hospitality, and the friendliness of everyone on the ranch, and it really made this hunt even more epic than it already was! Another shoutout to Weston Clark of The Experience TV for setting this hunt up. We can’t wait to come back out and do it again. Thanks again to all of our sponsors, who are the ones who help make this all possible!

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