Mark Grupe

I’ve been a hunter and fisherman all my life. Watching videos from people such as Larry D. Jones and Will Primos has inspired me to capture my own outdoor experiences.

My wife Michelle and I have nine kids, and balancing family time and outdoor time, although it can be one in the same, is a continual challenge given everyones diverse interests.

Michelle had become a good hunter in her own right, and also become the master planner and executor of of our many family needs. She has a challenging dynamic to face.

My role and passion is scheming and executing crazy outdoor ideas that will support our family and provide all the happiness and excitement that nature has to offer.

I hope you will join us on this adventure, growing and learning with us along the way. Its exciting to know that I have a long way to go and so much to learn, yet I still crave to experience what lies before us.

God Bless


Michelle Grupe

I am a Christian, Mark’s wife, a mother, a friend, a nurse and a hunter. I became a nurse at the ripe age of 21. The path to become a nurse and to be a nurse took dedication, commitment, hard work, and the ability to be open and take on any unexpected challenge with quick thinking and composure.

I believe all my training helped prepare me for what was to come……. a large family! Throughout the years, I have put my whole heart into all that I do, and seem to drawn to challenges still.  Balancing a family, being married to a hunter, and hunting myself.

I took on the challenge of hunting when I met Mark. It was so much fun to learn everything he had mastered so gracefully.  I have continued to learn and enjoy all that hunting has to offer.


Ryer Porter

I am 20 years old, and residing in Lodi California. I grew up in the great state of Colorado, and have a love for the mountains, and the high altitude fresh air. Outside of the work I do for the site, I enjoy being outdoors (conveniently enough). I love fishing (especially for trout),  and I like hiking and bouldering as well. I am a weekend cyclist, an avid gym goer, and an all around active person.

I have always had a desire for a job that would be exciting, challenging, and different from day to day. My biggest fear is getting stuck sitting in an office (tracing back to the time I was kicked out of sunday school for hyperactivity), and have always wanted a career that lets me work in the outdoors. I have had a desire to hunt, and to get more intensely involved in outdoor adventure, and working with Mark has allowed me to do just that. My technical skills paired with Mark and Michelle’s experience and our combined passion for the outdoors and sharing our adventures has been a great match for this venture. I hope you have as much fun exploring our adventures with us as we have had making them!

My other interests include American history, trucks, fixing and making things, and my beard.