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  • Beginnings- California Hog Hunting

    Beginnings- California Hog Hunting

    Beginning planting, beginning to grow, and beginning to hunt for the year. There is always a time for beginnings.
  • The G Bar Ranch- Mariposa California

    The G Bar Ranch- Mariposa California

    Located outside of Mariposa California, the G Bar ranch spans over 8,600 acres. It is currently home to a full time catt
  • Facebook Flight- California Duck Hunting

    Facebook Flight- California Duck Hunting

    3 limits of birds makes for a great morning of duck hunting! We had been following Dennis Klomp’ waterfowl and fit
  • Fishing Sand Creek

    Fishing Sand Creek

    It was awesome to meet back up with our friend Steve Koon at the Sand Creek Ranch in Oregon. Follow along on our fly...
  • Best of Year One

    Best of Year One

    A recap of our first year. We had a great year, with lots of awesome hunts. We can’t wait to see what 2016 holds!
  • The “Warm & Fuzzy” Coyote

    The “Warm & Fuzzy” Coyote

    Here is a glimpse of life with coyotes. They aren’t as warm and cuddly as they seem!
  • Texas Three Step: Step One

    Texas Three Step: Step One

    Big bucks, lots of does, and a Texas sized good time. Our hunt in Texas this year was one for the memory books! We had a
  • Persistence: The tale of 3 Hunts

    Persistence: The tale of 3 Hunts

    Here is the story of our hunt for elk in the awesome state of New Mexico. This video features some great, rugged landsca
  • Big Boar Down

    Big Boar Down

    Check out this awesome hunt! Michelle puts on a great stalk, and takes down a monster boar all in one morning!
  • Turkeys, Hogs & Friends

    Turkeys, Hogs & Friends

    Hope you enjoy a beautiful archery turkey hunt. Had an awesome time with Larry D. Jones with him taking a hog and us tak
  • Mariposa Exotics

    Mariposa Exotics

    Nathan Brence from Nimrod Outdoors, his daughter Josie and his friend Randy joined us for an exotic hunt. Josie and Rand
  • Trouble Brewin

    Trouble Brewin

    Hope you all enjoy this hog hunt, its always great to have some bowhunting success.
  • Harvest- Summer Hog Hunt

    Harvest- Summer Hog Hunt

    A great way to end our hog season. After trouble with the drought and a bit of hard luck, we were finally able to pull o